Protein L Ligand Leakage ELISA kit |
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Protein L Ligand Leakage ELISA kit

  Aniara offers standardized ELISA Methods optimized for the detection and quantification of ligand leakage in eluates from Protein L affinity chromatography medium containing immunoglobulin (Ig) or Ig-fragments.

Our kits provide:

Ready-to-use kit with all reagents and controls necessary for the analysis.

Detection and quantification of Protein L in Immunoglobulin (Ig) or Ig-fragment containing solutions.

Capto™ L from GE Healthcare can be analyzed by using the Protein L Ligand Leakage ELISA kit

Convenient ELISA procedure.

XL kit contains 5 vials of Protein L in comparison to 1 vial in the Standard kit.